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The Dutty Inspectors


The Dutty Inspectors are Atki2 and Dub Boy, a DJ & production duo from Bristol. Their sound is a rowdy cocktail of soca, rave and dancehall aimed squarely at your waistline!

Atki2 & Dub Boy formed the project in 2013 through promoting Bristol’s legendary Ruffnek Diskotek parties together and releasing music on the influential Idle Hands label. Driven by a healthy appetite for soca music, rum and rave culture, they’re fast building up a reputation as exciting, energetic performers that are hyping up crowds up and down the UK with their lively and creative DJ sets.

They’re music has already received support from artists such as Addison Groove, DJ Die and Dre Skull and they recently won the influential Mixpak Records ‘Gypsy Riddim’ remix competition with their ferocious version of Famous Eno & Rubi Dan’s ‘Terminator’.

2014 is seeing them DJ regularly, setting up releases and has included a trip to Trinidad Carnival already.

Babylon Uprising are blessed to have the Dutty Inspectors on board the SSBRSS at this years Glastonbury festival and to get you well and truly in the mood heres an EXCLUSIVE MIX for Uprising Radio….Brace pon de Waist!